About Hunger

The Livingston Hunger Council relies on multiple sources and the statistical data they collect in order to understand the issue of hunger in our community, and the difference our collective efforts have made.

Some facts about hunger and poverty in Livingston County:

180,967        Livingston County population (2010 census); 15% increase (2000-2010)

23,770          Estimated number of food-insecure Livingston County residents

21,243          Unduplicated people on unemployment or government assistance (July, 2010)

$24.36          Hourly wage needed for basic living expenses for a single parent with 2 children

6,110            Children enrolled in the government food assistance program (July, 2011)

9.9%              Livingston County unemployment rate (July, 2011)

23%               Livingston County public school students who qualify for free/reduced lunches 

See Hunger Statistics  by county


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