Members and Partners

Livingston County Hunger Council Membership – August 2011

  1. Captains Jenny & Aaron Ortman, The Salvation Army
  2. Judy Wells, The Well Church
  3. Terri Sincock, Nutrition Director, Hartland Consolidated Schools
  4. Michelle Ounanian, Gleaners Community Food Bank
  5. Nancy Rosso, Livingston County United Way
  6. Judith Trudeau, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital
  7. Christina Lovgren, Livingston County Senior Nutrition Program
  8. Ted Westmeier, Livingston County Dept. of Public Health
  9. Katherine Janego, Love, Inc
  10. R. Michael Yost, Hidden Springs Church
  11. Jeff & Charlene Daniels, SonRise Church
  12. Teresa Sutton, LESA Head Start
  13. Beth Schroeder
  14. Joannee DeBruhl
  15. Pam McConeghy, Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce
  16. Barbara Dine, Family Impact Center
  17. Sharon Rogers
  18. John Galleher
  19. Clisty Kinlin, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital
  20. Carrie Shrier, MSU Extension
  21. Ron Borngesser, OLHSA
  22. Yvonne Cavalli, St. Agnes Food Pantry
  23. Thomas Wittstock, St. Joseph Pantry
  24. Joseph Martinez
  25. Gerald Olinik
  26. Brenda Bolek, Livingston County Department of Human Services
  27. Linda Bauby, Livingston County Catholic Charities
  28. Karen Simmons, Gleaners Community Food Bank
  29. Paul Bohn
  30. Stephanie Ehrhardt, Livingston Adventist Church
  31. John Wilkerwicz, Society of St. Vincent de Paul at Holy Spirit Church
  32. Jeffrey Schreiber, Livingston County Sunrise Rotary Club

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